Intervista is a law firm specialising in business law with a strong focus on the culture, media and communication sectors. 

Founded in 2007 by lawyers who had previously worked as partners in Anglo-Saxon law firm, Intervista combines all the strengths of a top tier law firm, providing both legal advice and litigation support to French companies and international groups. 


Intervista works alongside its clients at every stage of their corporate development.

Constantly aware that the international industrial, financial and cultural landscape is forever changing, Intervista has created true partnership with companies in their search for added value..

Proud tobe part to an independent law firm, Intervista’s specialist lawyers constantly propose innovative, pragmatic solutions that meet the profession’s strictest ethical standards.


The “human relationship” is devoted to the client service at every and all time.

This strong personal approach has led the firm to create lasting business relationships with its clients, who appreciate the firm’s dynamism and accessibility, over and above their evident technical expertise that comes with the profession.

Intervista is also very attached to the concept of “collective”, a term synonymous with teamwork.

Intervista’s lawyers are skilled in leveraging internal resources to robustly defend the interests of their clients.  

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