Of Counsel

Doctor of Law

Vidal was a co-founder then partner of Intervista. He now works transversally as ‘Of Counsel’ on many cases in the law firm by developing consultations.   He has an in-depth expertise in intellectual property law (copyright law and related rights, model and brand law), for national, international and Community law, as well as in fields related to intellectual property (unfair competition, free-riding, personality rights).  He also works in civil law (contract law, civil liability).

Before founding Intervista in 2007, Vidal took on many roles in intellectual property law. After obtaining a Masters 2 in literary, artistic and industrial property at the University of Paris II, he was notably the Chargé de mission at the literary and artistic property office of the Ministry of Culture and Communications, responsible for international and community law.  He has also worked as a non-government expert in the Phare/TACIS programmes of the European Commission (preparing the entry of Central and Eastern European states into the European Union).  Elsewhere, he has taught Intellectual Property law and civil law as a temporary teaching fellow (ATER) at university.

In 2011, Vidal defended his PhD thesis in private law at the University of Paris II, on derivative rights in audiovisual works. His supervisor was Professor Pierre-Yves Gautier. He was awarded a First Class Honours.  These thesis won the prize for the best thesis from the University of Paris II and from IRPI and the first prize of the Robert Abdesselam Foundation.  It has since been published by the publishers LexisNexis/IRPI.

Areas of expertise:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Law of persons
  • Contract law

Other languages spoken: English

This post is also available in: French